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My Goal

     I have always had a fascination of jewelry metalsmithing that represents the Southwest and the cultures of  the Navajo & Hopi Nations. 

     Growing up I spent many summers in Arizona at my Grandparents house as well as camping in New Mexico.  During these trips I met         many American Indians and grew to respect and admire the culture.  Over time, I developed a love of their innate artistry and                        craftsmanship.  As the years pass I continue to feel the pull back to the beauty of the Southwest and the art inspired by the cultures           native to it.


As one business passes another opportunity arises.  I realized it is time to act on a passion that has been burning inside, the flame represents my businesses that have been rooted in the idea of attention to detail, personal care & loyalty towards my customers.


I am committed to create a jewelry piece that fits your style and personality using quality metals and stones.  


My process is to use sterling silver as a base in all pieces and in some designs to artfully combine metals such as copper & brass to compliment certain stones.  I only use stones that have been mined and processed in U.S. and North America each stone is hand picked from specialty dealers.   


In the end my goal is to create an affordable, hand crafted piece of jewelry that will become an everlasting heirloom.



Custom Jewelry

designed for your taste

&  personality.

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